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All Candles from Aura Co. & Wicks are made with Soy wax... 

Homemade Soy Wax Candles

Made with love. Shop our Candles, soaps, body butters, and more!

  • Masculine Scents

    Try out our woodsy and spicy masculine scented candles. Available now!

  • Rose Infused Body Butter

    Check out our organic body butters. Choose from our rose infused or the sweet lavender, enriched with oils to keep your skin hydrated and smooth!

  • Exfoliating Bar Soap

    With so many soaps to choose from, it will be so hard to pick. But the collection is perfect no matter which one you choose!

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History of the Brand

Our company is a newly made online store that is home based. We originated in 2021 during the time Covid was pretty heavy. It started with the love of candles for the CEOs mom. Her relaxation and past time is being cozied up in bed with a great smelling candle. When stores was closed or limited the best option was to learn how to make candles. The name “Aura” is based on our own energy and overall well-being. With lots of loved poured into this brand and not just the wonderful soy wax that is used…we are surely here to let you also experience the same energy we pour into this brand and for you to sense your inner peace!

  • Pineapple Head Candle

  • Long Face Candle

  • Long No Mouth Candle

  • Half Face Candle