Why We Chose our Wax

Why We Chose our Wax


Many people won’t take the time to look at what type of wax they are burning when it comes to their candles.  Some may not know the difference on many waxes out there. Did you know that you can be breathing in toxic fumes from some candle wax?

When choosing your candle look for these types of candles for your needs for a healthy and pure environment.

•Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candle are non-toxic and are the healthiest wax to burn. They are made from the caps of real bee honeycombs. They also burn clean and longer.

•Soy Wax Candles

Soy wax candles are made up of soy, palm, and coconut oils. They too have a slow and steady burn and lasts longer than most wax. They are easily good mixed with fragrance or essential oils. Soy wax has a clean burn and free of toxins. 

Candelilla Wax

Most people may not be familiar with this wax and is mainly found and the southwest regions of New Mexico. I too use this with a mixture of soy wax. It is %100 natural and vegan. It also has a higher melting point. 


•Parrafin Wax

These are very popular and could be due to them being on the cheaper side. This wax has a sludge like substance that can possible cause a respiratory irritant for humans. The substance is made up of two chemicals that is known to cause carcinogens. This can be released until the air while a parrafin made candle is burning. 

•Gel Candles

Although gel candle texture seems nice and appealing, gel wax shade the parallel substance to the Parrafin wax. The gel wax also can be very tricky when it comes to add scents. Be careful with the ratio, container you place it on to burn, and never leave any candle unattended!

Whichever wax you decide be sure to take the time to do the research on what best soots you. Rather making them for your business or for simple pleasures! 

Candles can be very soothing and therapeutic! 

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From our family to yours,

Sense your inner Peace! 



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